Are You Forgetting Something?: Trip Insurance 101

Planning a vacation can be complicated and there are many parts to consider—flights, hotels, car rental, tours and dining to name just some. There is something else that travelers must not forget—travel insurance.

My clients know that I am a big proponent of travel protection. You just never know what can happen leading up to or during your vacation and the costs to you for dealing with these unforeseen circumstances can be huge. Consider these possibilities:

  • A fellow passenger on your flight has a medical problem requiring an emergency landing and you miss your connecting flight to your destination along with your family adventure tour departure
  • Days before your vacation your boss tells you she must absolutely have you in town for a rescheduled meeting
  • Your parent becomes sick and you can’t or don’t want to leave him or her home alone while you go wine tasting in Italy
  • Hurricane Whomever comes barreling toward the Caribbean days before your much-anticipated cruise that you said you would absolutely not miss for all the world so did not need the trip insurance

Get the idea?

Trip insurance policies vary but, in general, here is what they usually provide:

  • Trip cancellation/interruption coverage
  • Accident and sickness medical expense coverage
  • Pre-existing condition coverage as long as you purchase your policy within 14 days of your initial trip deposit
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Travel delay and missed connection assistance
  • Lost or delayed luggage protection
  • Concierge services and 24/7 assistance

I will always provide you with a competitive travel insurance quote when you book a trip with me. The cost of a travel policy is really a small fraction of the overall trip cost and could save you so much should your dream vacation send you down an unwelcome path. You can always buy the hat and flip-flops you forgot when you arrive at your holiday destination, but please, don’t forget to pack your travel insurance!