Kayaking with Kids in Baja

I always love to travel with my family but some vacations are better than others. Last spring break, was one of the best ones yet. Maybe it was the beautiful beaches, maybe it was the adventurous kayaking, maybe it was the cultural experience, maybe it was the company of the friends we traveled with, maybe it was the amazing food, or maybe it was the perfect combination of all of this. 

Our holiday stared in Loreto, a quaint coastal town on the southern Baja peninsula of Mexico. Loreto has an old-world feel with its cobblestone streets, traditional artisans and a beautiful 17th-century Mission church. A few stylish boutiques and restaurants balance it out to make it a great place for the limited number of tourists. Our group of 4 families had all booked rooms at a seaside hotel and settled into our vacation with a swim in the pool and a wander around town before a fun group dinner.


The next morning began our adventure—5 days and 4 nights on an expertly guided kayak and camping trip perfectly orchestrated by Sea Trek, a local company based in Sausalito, CA with over 35 years of operating kayak trips in the Sea of Cortez out of Loreto. Sea Trek supplied all of our camping gear and food. Our 2 amazing kayaking instructors/guides/naturalists and camp chef as well as the boat and captain that accompanied our family-friendly trip made our experience comfortable, nearly effortless and incredibly memorable.


We kayaked from one campsite to another and sometimes more to explore additional coves and beaches. Since our trip was boat-supported, we didn’t have to carry our personal gear in our kayaks, there was no limit to the food, drinks and guitars we could bring and we even had stand-up paddle boards to play around with at camp. During the days, the kids explored tide pools, rocks and beaches and played games. One of our guides grew up in a nearby fishing village and has become an expert in wilderness education. He taught the kids how to fish with a traditional hand-line and how to prepare and cook their catch—even the pickiest eaters devoured the mid-afternoon fish snack! We all snorkeled, read, hiked, ate our weight in fresh guacamole and enjoyed the instruments and singing of our musical friends. At night we marveled at the sea and the breath-taking sunsets and then slept cosily with our kids in our tents until the next morning when the children would all run off together again to enjoy the rare and beautiful independence the trip allowed them.


Our trip ended as it began, with a night at our lovely hotel and a festive dinner in town. We all did some souvenir shopping, too. For a change, I am confident that our purchases of embroidered shirts, handmade baskets, woven tablecloths and carved bowls will not be relegated to the corners of our houses but enjoyed fully as reminders of that incredible kayak trip we shared in Baja with our friends.

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