The Little Things

There are lots of big rewards that we get from traveling. Families grow closer. Adults and children gain knowledge of new cultures, languages, art, geography, politics, animals, and the environment. We see spectacular things and have unforgettable experiences. But, there are little things, too. So, in gratitude for the little stuff, here is a list of those—the details and unexpected small things that help make travel great.

10 Little Things to Be Thankful for While Traveling

  1. Room darkening curtains—a must when you need to catch up on sleep after long-haul flights.
  2. In-flight entertainment—can you imagine flying with kids in the “old days”?
  3. Morning coffee in the lobby—I just love not having to brew my own!
  4. Shampoo and conditioner in refillable dispensers—little plastic bottles in hotels drive me crazy. I so appreciate the trend toward eco-conscious hotel amenities.
  5. Turndown chocolates on your pillow—because it just shows they care.
  6. Really nice hotel beds—Why are they so much softer and cozier than my own.
  7. Yoga mats and umbrellas in the room—ready for anything!
  8. Free snorkel gear—because packing our own really makes it hard to stick with only carry-on luggage.
  9. All-inclusive ecolodges—OK, maybe this isn’t so small but any meal or guided hike planned by someone other than me is precious!
  10. Airplane pillows and blankets—I recently took an overnight flight that did not have either of these so I’m no longer taking this for granted.

Do you have your own little favorite things? Make sure to tell me about them when we talk about your next trip. Sometimes it is the details that make a trip easy and memorable.

Happy Travels!